Write Shoot Cut & Rubber Underpants...

Whats my film called again!?                             photo taken by Nivine Keating at   Morrighan Images

Whats my film called again!?                             photo taken by Nivine Keating at Morrighan Images

Boat screened at Write Shoot Cut at the Filmhouse as part of their monthly showcase of Short Films. The screening sold out and we were upgraded to Screen 1 at the Filmhouse! 

It was a big goal of mine to screen a film at the Filmhouse especially in screen 1 as i have seen a lot of classic films there over the years and to watch it on the massive screen was a big deal for me. 

On top of that there was the wet the bed nerves of screening the film in front of an audience again. I thought that it would have been fine after screening at the Glasgow Short Film Festival but i was wrong, a few days before Write Shoot Cut the nerves came back and it was rubber underpants time again. 

I get a lot of people telling me, you should be happy, you she be proud, you should be excited and honoured to have it screening! Obviously yes all of the above and more but there is always that part of you that wonders what if the file i delivered was corrupt, what if the sound isn’t right what happens if everyone boos and i get whipped within an inch of my life? 

There were a lot of people there and Neil Rolland who was running the event told us we would be doing a Q&A after the screening so people could ask me questions. Ok cool, sounds good…I was running out of rubber underpants. 

Photo taken by Nivine Keating at   Morrighan Images

Photo taken by Nivine Keating at Morrighan Images

We were screening 4th out of five films. I positioned myself up the back of the cinema sandwiched between one of the editors on the film and the Assistant Director, both hadn’t seen the film. Apparently i spent most of the screenings scrunching a plastic bottle and darting out to the toilet at the end of each film to pray. 


When Boat finally screened the nerves went away. The same happened in Glasgow. I remember thinking before the film started if i feel like this before every screening I’m giving this up. My bladder can’t take it anymore. But luckily it all went away! I got a chance to enjoy watching the film that took a lot of people endless hours of their time to make and i truly appreciate all of their hard work on Boat. 


The film looked great, it sounded great, the Q&A went well, people complimented Giles Lambs score the actors and the overall look of the film. It was a very cool night and i can’t thank Write Shoot Cut enough for selecting it to be part of this eclectic mix of Scottish Films. All the shorts screened were really enjoyable and i am glad Boat got it’s Edinburgh Screening. 


Now onto the next one… Rubber pants ready.