Spinal Surgery & Self Publishing



It has been a crazy few months since my last Blog post, Mainly getting back to work after the old back problem and finishing off projects. 

First off Graphic Novel!!  Boat Volume 1 was nominated for best Graphic novel at the SICBA awards! 

It was great to be nominated for a SICBA and we came runner up! DAMN! So close!! Would have been great to get the award but just to be there was very exciting. 

The event tied in with the Glasgow Comic Con so i got to sell the book and meet some very cool people. 

It really snowballed from there, We are now stocked in Forbidden Planet (Edinburgh & Glasgow), Blackwell Books, Deadhead Comics, Online Digital Comics platform Comixology and Amazon Kindle Direct! You can buy a signed hardback version at the Comic Shop tab at the top of the page too! 

I have loved comics since i was a kid and i never thought it was something that i would ever get to do but while having a bit of free time on my hands (more on that later) i got to spend some time reading up on self publishing and the best ways to get it out there in shops. 

I have learned a lot doing this self publishing process, mainly i shouldn't have waited so long. I talked about doing my own comic for ages but i can't draw to save myself, so instead of looking for an artist i just didn't bother and shelved the idea. i think its easy to let things just take a back seat but i should have been more pro active! Just do it is my only advice, its tough but there are so many artists out there that are interested in collaborating. Just find one and get your book out there. If i did it, anyone can. 

Back issues? Oh shit. 

So i have had back issues for many years, i thought it was just a pulled muscles here and there but i discovered i had two slipped discs. I couldn't walk and required surgery. I had to stop working at Freakworks which wasn't part of the plan and basically spend 5 months flat on my back. In short two discs popped out and were tickling my nerves that sent shooting pains down my legs, physio didn't work so surgery was the suggested route. The surgery was no joke either, the type i needed required me to be awake during the procedure! (oh being awake during spinal surgery!? Why not!? it only happens to feature at number 3 on my all time fear lists.) Sign me up! 

Things were not going according to plan. So i had to miss out on work, miss out on a holiday and have a surgery on Christmas eve. Em Santa!? I asked for a Mr Frostie ice maker.... not this! 

I wont bore with the whole process/procedure or the haunting visual of knowing what the sound and feeling of having your hip dislocated and hammered back into place or...

i think thats enough of those visuals...

So 10 months later... I am now back at work directing and editing! My spare time is basically writing the next few volumes of the graphic novel and working on a few feature film ideas with some very talented people.

So what was the point of this Blog? Or the moral of the story? Which as my old headmaster used to say in every school assembly speech, 'stop bullying' em.. i think what i am trying to say is don't wait for spinal surgery to motivate you into doing something you love.  More morals and dramas in the next blog post... Thanks for reading. 

Where are the links to buy the book you say!!? 

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