Out there

Out there

Currently in development on the European Genre Forum 2017.

Director: David Lumsden

Writer: Ronnie Mackintosh

Producer: Blue Iris Films

Poster Art: Andrei Staruiala


Genre: Horror

'Seek and ye shall find'

This project is really exciting for me, it is a concept that has been in my head for a while and Ronnie has taken it to another level. I am really excited about developing this and working with Blue Iris Films again.

The project has been selected alongside 8 other features for development as part of the European Genre Forum. These workshops are taking place throughout 2017 in Amsterdam, Zagreb & Talinn.

UPDATE: Aug 2018

We have completed the European Genre Forum 2017 and have shot our Proof of concept short film. This is a short scene from the feature starring Jamie Robson, Doug Russell & Iain Macrae.