Boat & Bafta!

Anthony Devine won Best Design at the Scottish Bafta New Talent Awards for his excellent work on Boat!

It was a great night and it was amazing to see Anthony  get recognition for his matte paintings on the film.

You can see Anthony talking about his work on the film in this clip- 

Boat behind the scenes video

The category of Design was new to the Bafta New Talent awards this year and we were honoured to have been among the other nominees.

Making the walk to the podium. 

Making the walk to the podium. 

I met Anthony by chance many years ago when i was looking for a matte painter to work on Boat. I was clicking through endless profiles on a site called CGsociety, most of the work featured were from international artists. I was desperate to work with someone in Scotland or at the very least within the UK.

I bookmarked an image that that struck a chord with me, it was called The New World (You can see why i was interested!)  

After nervously clicking on his bio i was shocked to see the artist was based in Stirling. Luckily Anthony was interested in working on the project and he brought so much creativity to the project and it was fantastic to see him receive his award from Bafta.

We had many talented individuals on the film and i wish everyone could get recognition for their hard work and long hours. Boat was a big effort from many people and as Anthony said on the podium 'this is for all the team'. 

Thanks to all at the Scottish Baftas for a great night. We had horrendous smiley hangovers at work the next day! It was worth it. 

Thanks for reading