European Genre Forum (Feature film Development)


Our future project OUT THERE was selected to be part of the European Genre Forum for development. The EGF selects 8 features and develops the projects by way of masterclasses, workshops and script feedback sessions. The three stages of the forum take place in Amsterdam at the Imagine Film Festival, Croatia for the Zagreb Film Festival then finishing up at Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn.

Director & Writer (Ronnie Mackintosh) 

Director & Writer (Ronnie Mackintosh) 

We got a chance to meet all the other teams and hear about their projects, all at different ages of development. 

Here is a list of the projects that were selected: 

Hum – Parsley Productions (United Kingdom)
The Leprechauns – Causeway Pictures Ltd (United Kingdom)
Mindscape – Bruno Isaac (Portugal)
Out There – Blue Iris Films (United Kingdom)
Striguni – Ziva Productions (Croatia) 

Family Dinner – Capra Films (Austria)
Thaw – Demeter Films (Spain)
The Woolgatherer’s Store – Fast & Loose Productions

The first stage was in April in Amsterdam and was excellent, we received great feedback for our pitch and the script doctor sessions with script advisor Chris Mitchell were very beneficial. We also had some excellent events, workshops and screenings particularly the documentary 78/52then the talk by the films director Alexandre Philippe, that was one of my favourites alongside the costume retrospective by Lindy Hemming it was amazing to get insight into her process in creating costumes/ design for films like my beautiful laundrette and the dark knight. It was rounded off by a very cool chat with director Martin Koolhoven who discussed his career and his recent feature film Brimstone. 

If you haven’t been to The Eye in Amsterdam, it’s definitely worth visiting, it’s a special building with great screenings and exhibitions… it also has a shop that sells loads of film stuff. 

The Eye! 

The Eye! 

Next stop is Zagreb… 

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