Boat Volume 3: Blood in the Water

The latest instalment in the Boat series is OUT NOW! Blood in the Water (Volume 3) has been in the works for a while now and we were lucky enough to receive funding from Creative Scotland's Open Project Fund (LINK) to make it all happen. 

The team of Mark Olivent (art), Andrei Staruiala (letters/design), Amir Zand (Cover) & Me (Writer) are back again to continue the story. The funding has allowed us to be more ambitious with the third book, it's a longer page count and it allows me to really expand the story. It is definitely the most challenging instalment in terms of narrative as it's the longest comic book i have ever written (rubber underpants on standby), the previous volumes both come in at 41 pages, Blood in the Water is clocking in at 70 pages. 

The previous volumes have received some great reviews and feedback from fans at comic conventions, more recently on Volume 2 from Dom at Geek-retreat. (LINK)

‘Boat Volume 2 is almost masterful in its execution. Bolstered by a super team, the book shines from start to finish’. – Dom Kelly (Geek-Retreat)

 Here is the official synopsis... 

The rules for an outsider in No Land are about to be enforced… and Charlie is the outsider. 

As more of his past is revealed, could the well and what lurks beneath the castle finally offer an end to his pain?

Against orders Gwyn is on a personal mission of revenge and with Evie in tow their actions could unleash hell upon the city.

Blood in the Water is the third instalment of the critically acclaimed Boat series. 

So that's that! For more information on the book go to our brand new Facebook page!  (LINK)

We are all really excited to share the finished book with you. A very big thanks to the peeps at Creative Scotland for getting behind the book, we couldn't have made it without your support. 

If you haven't caught up on Volume 1 & 2 fret not! You can get them from MY COMIC SHOP (LINK) or at BlackWells & Forbidden Planet in Edinburgh.