Frightfest Ident

Client: Frightfest/Ne'er do well films

Director: David lumsden

Film: Coming Soon!! 

I met James Pearcey (Ne'er do well films) at the EIFF 2013 Talent lab and he asked me to create a 30 sec turn your bloody phone off indent for frightfest 2013. I jumped at the chance and wanted to do an homage to two characters iconic characters from cinema, one from the warriors and one from trainspotting. It was a lot of fun and i couldn't have completed it without there help. good times. 


Gavin Livingstone- Franco Begbie

Danny Bonnar- Baseball Furies

Madeline Drewel- Blondie

Erika iesse- Punter

Richie Morgan- Punter 2

Tom Nisbet- Victim

Richie Morgan- Punter

Editor/Colourist- Gavin Livingstone

Graphics- Andre Staruiala

Make up/ wardrobe- Madeline Drewell

Special Thanks:

James Pearcey



Ian Forsyth