In development

Director: David Lumsden

Writer: Ronnie Mackintosh

Concept Art: Anthony Devine


When work on a new construction site in the city of Edinburgh unearths a previously undiscovered section of the entombed Old Town, work comes to a halt. The new find appears to be the work space of 17th Century Plague Doctors and of great historical significance.

But beneath this space lies another, where plague victims were examined and dissected and in which mutated prions; infectious agents, have lain dormant for almost four centuries. As the debate continues as to what will be done with the site, the weight of the structure proves to be too much for the weakened ground and it collapses into the infected ground below, freeing a lethal virus...

Currently in development Prion is my first feature project, i was selected to go on this years EIFF talent lab as Director with the project and met a lot of industry professionals who gave me lots of advice on getting the project made. The festival was great and i got to meet a lot of producers and writer/directors and watch a few films. :)  

Edinburgh International Film Festival Image.png
Edinburgh International Film Festival.png